Monday, June 1


I guess we can all agree that last month was a blogging fail. 
May is always a busy month filled with deadlines & last minute works. It's probably my least favourite month of the year.
I took some outfits photos throughout the month but when I looked at them, I wasn't satisfied. It was either a variation of something I had already featured on the blog or the pictures didn't turn out as I thought they would. But it's alright, I made this blog to document my style and these outfits are still a part of my daily wear.

KENZO sweatshirt - ASOS jeans, leather jacket & septum  - ADIDAS x PHARELL WILLIAMS superstar - &OTHERSTORIES bag

This outfit combines 2 of my cherished purchases I made in 2013. 
The KENZO sweatshirt & that ASOS leather jacket.
Sometimes I'm afraid to invest in some clothes because there is always the probability that it won't last more than one season, but these 2 pieces still are amazing after their 1000th wear & that's why they're my favourites.

ZARA tee & shirt - ASOS leather trousers & backpack - H&M TREND jacket - ADIDAS superstar
These faux leather trousers from ASOS were my go-to pants last year. I wore them to death & they're still going strong! I'm always iffy about buying faux leather clothes because I've stumbled upon some that were expensive but only lasted a couple of month before getting crackled.
This is not the case with those one. They're really comfortable & can be easily dressed up or down. They're perfect for the transitionnal weather & winter since they have a suede-like lining.
H&M tee - ASOS jeans & slip-ons - H&M TREND jacket - CHEAP MONDAY clutch - FIRMOO glasses
This H&M TREND jacket is my latest purchase. I am in LOVE with it, it's the perfect summer jacket. It has become a staple in my wardrobe in such a short period of time. I wear it almost everyday so I hope you won't get bored if it's featured in a lot of outfits posts ^^'
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  1. J'adore tes baskets! Les couleurs sont top!
    Bises Miss!

  2. I do the same thing! I take photos throughout the month so I can post them for later and then I end up not liking them or I just the don't post them up at all. The 2nd look is my favorite! The coat looks super comfortable and I am lovin' the Adidas! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  3. Such cute photos, I love all of your looks!!
    xx, Natali

    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano sanisimo

  4. Je pense que c'est le cas de toutes blogueuses on est pas tout le temps satisfaite du résultat des photos !
    Sinon très belle sélection de photo avec une préférence pour le look 3 !

  5. Je pense que c'est le cas de toutes blogueuses on est pas tout le temps satisfaite du résultat des photos !
    Sinon très belle sélection de photo avec une préférence pour le look 3 !

  6. Awesome outfits and you have very cool sneakers on all of these pictures!


  7. I do not like faux leather too, because they get destroyed fast if you wear often ;) you look great!

  8. Why do you say so? I think your outfits are super cool! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  9. Yeah, May was a struggle for me too. Time flew and I didn't post much. :(
    Glad you're back! Thanks for sharing your looks, you look great! I really like your slip ons, they add a nice pop of colour to the outfit! :D


  10. Yes indeed , The month of May was really busy for me , and i didnt have the time to blog as much as i used to , Anyways you look great here.

  11. Love the first and second sneakers!

  12. Lovely looks!

  13. You definitely have a very unique style and you make the sporty look, look so effortless and chic at the same time. Your shoe collection is epic too.
    Great Style.


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