Friday, May 22


I've been contacted by FIRMOO to try out their new glasses. I already worked with them in the past so it was a no-brainer that I will reiterate the experience. FIRMOO is an online based eyeglasses shop, they offer different styles of glasses at an affordable price and you can get your prescription glasses there too! 

I know it may sound weird to go goggles shopping online but I feel like it's always nice to have a back up pair of glasses. Your main pair could be the one that you would wear outside of the house and you could wear the cheaper alternative at home when you're chilling. That way if you're clumsy and sleep, seat or step on the cheaper pair it won't be 500$ going down the drain. In that case I feel like it's always a good idea to have another pair. Glasses shopping can be very expensive so it's best to be careful.

Also for the fashionista that have a great eyesight but still want to wear glasses, FIRMOO gives you the opportunity the order your glasses without any eye correction!

I am in love with the pair I chose. Compared to the glasses I got 2 years ago, the quality has definitely improved. The frame is sturdy and the lenses are more clear than before. The case is also cuter! The first time I received a basic black one haha. For the price, I think they are really well made.

Last but not least, FIRMOO offers 15% off your first purchase. Subscribe to their newsletter because they often offer good deals! Check them out HERE

See you on Sunday for a new outfit post! x 


  1. You look really lovely in those glasses. Ive been looking for a site like this for a while. I will check them out for sure :)

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  2. Very cool frames Miss! I wish you an amazing weekend!

  3. pretty frames!

  4. The glasses is lovely and the case is very unique too.

  5. Ça va je n'ai pas pris trop de retard sur ton blog :)
    Les lunettes te vont vraiment bien ! Tu fais si jeeeunnne

  6. Ça va je n'ai pas pris trop de retard sur ton blog :)
    Les lunettes te vont vraiment bien ! Tu fais si jeeeunnne

  7. You look great in those glasses!

  8. very nice!

  9. Great to know there's an improvement with the glasses.

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  10. Firmo has some awesome glasses and you made a good choice. Suits you so well.
    Great review :)

  11. Sp cute! and love the glasses!

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  13. Really cute glasses!! you look so cool!! Love your style!!
    xx, Natali

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