Sunday, March 1


I'm wearing a ZARA sweatshirt

Hello everyone, long time no see!
A whole year has passed since I made my last post. How are y'all doing? 
Yeah I know, it's another one of those posts where I claim that I'm back only to be gone a few days after. 
Ha. But this time, it's different. 
I have more time to devote to this blog and I am more passionate about it than I was before. 
I am currently at the point of my life where I want to do things that I love before entering the daily grind of a 9-5.
I really enjoyed doing MACHACHU even though I didn't always have time to upload new outfits. 
I first created this blog to document and see how my style change through weeks, months & even years.
 I find it fascinating how you can come back and remember how you felt or why you chose to dress a certain way. 
I want to prove to myself that I can go through with my ideas and projects.
That's the reason why I'm reviving this blog now.
 Hopefully, this time will be the ONE.

See you on Tuesday for the first outfit post of the year! xx


  1. Good to see you back and looking forward to your posts! You look radiant.

  2. 1st comm on your blog and 1st comm ever. You've just made me your #1 follower ;p
    Keep the good work! <3

    Love, S.


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